Safety Bank's Pioneering Incorporation in the Joseon

We are thrilled to announce that Safety Bank, pushing the boundaries of the cryptocurrency sphere, has now established its presence in Joseon - the world’s premier recognized cyber nation-state. This forward-thinking move embodies Safety Bank’s unwavering commitment to trailblazing innovation and expansion in the cryptocurrency market.

Joseon, a pioneer in its own right, having earned legal recognition from Antigua in early 2023, is a perfect match for Safety Bank’s pioneering spirit. As the world’s first legally recognized cyber nation-state, it has successfully harnessed blockchain technology to create a national cryptocurrency, fostering an ecosystem that advocates for systemic equality.

Just as Joseon opens up new horizons for digital nationhood, Safety Bank is on a mission to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market by making it safer and more reliable.

Safety Bank’s IEO on LATOKEN

Alongside its historic incorporation in Joseon, Safety Bank has also launched an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on LATOKEN, a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange. The trading pairs SBANK/JSM and SBANK/USDT have been introduced, significantly widening the scope for traders and investors within Safety Bank’s dynamic ecosystem.

Safety Bank’s Commitment

Safety Bank’s core commitment lies in mitigating risks within the cryptocurrency space. It offers its clients an opportunity to establish a custody fund, which can be transitioned into insurance. This insurance payout is designed to protect both the project and token holders in the event of bankruptcy or discontinuation. The management and secure offline storage of these funds are handled professionally by Safety Bank.

Furthermore, Safety Bank extends a comprehensive suite of banking services. These include DEFI loans, global fiat withdrawals, smart growth savings by holding SBANK tokens, and prepaid credit cards. It’s an all-encompassing solution for the crypto banking needs of today’s digital citizens.

Safety Bank’s decision to establish itself in Joseon, following in the footsteps of forward-thinking companies like LATOKEN, marks a significant milestone in its journey to bring a safer, more reliable crypto ecosystem to the world.